Malin Fränberg


For Malin food has never been fuel. Food is passion.

Food is the 24/7 topic on her mind. Food is life. She started her career in the kitchen 2008 and has never left since. Sometimes she has to physically leave the kitchen but her heart is always cooking.

In 2011 she started working with marketing and events in the beverage industry and been working with brands like Masi, Jack Daniel's and Amarula.


Since 2015 she’s been running her owns business as a food creator. She helps several brands in the FCMG business with marketing, concept and social media.


And last but not least, she’s has both a sixth and seventh senses for predicting future food trends.


0739 99992 99

Alexandra Kentsdottir

Creative Director/Project Manager

Alexandra is the youngest in the team and is constantly up to date on all social media trends, she knows the influencers and has a great eye for visual content. She’s the other half and also the creative mind of the Kentsdottir production, specialised on creating videos for social media and youtube.


Alexandra is also a foodie and for her it’s all about the sweets. If you’re curious to know if the recipes in the videos turned out tasty? Ask Alexandra, she tasted them all.




0703 9383 38

Silja-Marie Kentsdottir


Silja is afraid bananas, she’s allergic to apples and dies from sesame seeds. But she’s an awesome film photographer. She’s been creating videos since the age of 7! Back in the days when she had to borrow her dad’s home video camera to make her own videos.

Then her passion became profession and she started her own video production company together with her sister Alexandra in 2013. Today they are producing, filming and editing video content for big global brands.


0767 7476 79

Lisa Löwenborg


Lisa is the one with her fingers in the food, yes literally. She has to taste what she shoots but unlike Alexandre she's smoother and does it when no one is watching.

​Lisa loves food, she loves working with her shoes off and she grows her owns figs.


She has a great eye for visual content and has been creating content and copy for several years. She’s also a great photographer and started her food photography carrier by shooting “Årets Kock” for several years and is now travelling around Europe with a portable studio in her bag.


0769 1583 81